This document describes InaSAFE‘s functionality in regard to what inputs are needed to carry on an analysis. At the highest level InaSAFE will take a hazard layer (such as ground shaking, water depth or ash load) and an exposure layer (such as population density or building footprints) and combine them according to an impact function to produce an impact layer and a report.

Hazard layers

The supported hazard layers are:

Hazard Spatial type Hazard type Attribute name Hazard units/fields Parameters
Volcano Raster Ash load N/A kg/m^2  
Volcano Point Distance from vent Name text Radius [km]
Volcano Polygon Category KRB text  
Earthquake Raster Shakemap N/A MMI  
Flood Raster Depth N/A m Threshold [m]
Flood Polygon Wet/Dry affected 1/0 Threshold [%]
Tsunami Raster Depth N/A m Threshold [m]

Exposure layers

Exposure Spatial type Exposure type Attribute name Hazard units/fields
Population Raster Density N/A People per pixel
Structures Point Structure type type text
Structures Polygon Structure type type text